The Force at the Core Leading Our Cause
Composed by Li Jiefu*

This text for this song is the opening quotation in Quotations from Mao Zedong, the "Little Red Book" that became the bible of the Red Guards and a symbol of political correctness during the Cultural Revolution. For more on the Little Red Book, see Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Page.

The core force leading our cause is the Chinese Communist Party.
The theoretical base guiding our thinking is Marxism- Leninism.
(Shouting) Long live the Communist Party!
Long live Chairman Mao, a long, long life!

Translation by George Z, Chen

* Li Jiefu composed many other songs based on quotes from Mao. He also composed a poem written by Lin Biao, Mao's chosen successor. After Lin Biao died in an air crash during his "betrayal flight" to the USSR in 1971 after a failed coup attempt against Mao. Li Jiefu was put into prison and died 5 years later. (George Z. Chen)

From the album, Quotations from Chairman Mao Set to Music