Selected Internet Links on
The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-76)

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Overviews and Documents

China's Cultural Revolution Explained (The New York Times)

The Cultural Revolution: all you need to know about China's political convulsion (The Guardian)

The Cultural Revolution, 50 years on. It was the worst of times (The Economist)

From the archives: How The Los Angeles Times covered China’s Cultural Revolution

China's Cultural Revolution in Memories (Oral Histories/University of Pittsburgh)

Quotations from Chairman Mao ("The Little Red Book")

Chinese Cultural Revolution Posters (University of California, San Diego Library)

Films, Books, Photographs, Exhibits

Red-Color News Soldier (Li Zhensheng: A Chinese Photographer during the Cultural Revolution)

Morning Sun: A Film & Website about the Cultural Revolution (Long Bow Films)

Though I am Gone (with English subtitles)

Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times (Burke Museum, University of Washington)

Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution (China News Digest: mostly in Chinese)

Chinese Holocaust Memorial (mostly in Chinese)

The Culture of the Cultural Revolution (Art, Music, etc.)

Art inspired by the Cultural Revolution

Rethinking Cultural Revolution Culture (University of Heidelberg; some material in German)

Dress of the Cultural Revolution (Powerhouse Museum--Australia- Archived Site)

Huxian Peasant Paintings

Cultural Revolution Graphic Arts (University of Washington)

The East is Red! A Song & Dance Epic

Breaking with Old Ideas (1975; with English subtitles)

  • Film drama about bringing Chairman Mao's ideas on education to a rural agricultural college.

Model Revolutionary Ballets (videos)

Songs of the Cultural Revolution (MP3 format)

Music of the Cultural Revolution

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