Jane Fonda & TheVietnam War

1972: 'Hanoi' Jane--Text from CNN.com, "Vietnam: Echoes of War, Cultural Timeline"

Jane Fonda -- actress, political activist and partner of anti-war protester Tom Hayden -- entered enemy territory for two weeks in November and emerged, in the eyes of many, as a traitor after posing for photographs at the seat of an anti-aircraft cannon and making radio broadcasts urging U.S. airmen to stop bombing North Vietnam. Fonda told servicemen stationed on aircraft carriers in the Gulf of Tonkin that the bombs they were loading into planes were illegal and that using the bombs "makes one a war criminal."

In 1988, Fonda went on ABC's "20-20" news program and apologized to Vietnam veterans and their families for her actions. "I was trying tohelp end the killing," Fonda said in an interview with Barbara Walters. "Bu tthere were times I was thoughtless and careless about it and I'm ... very sorrythat I hurt them." Asked about the continued bitterness over something that happenedyears ago -- critics still refer to her as "Hanoi" Jane -- Fonda said, "Thereare still festering wounds and a lot of pain, and for some I've become a lightning rod."

Fonda said she didn't realize at the time the effect posing with the anti-aircraft gun would have. "I know the power of images," she said inthe 1988 interview. "To have put myself in a situation like that was a thoughtlessand cruel thing to have done. ... I take fullresponsibility for it."

Jane Fonda & activist husband, Tom Hayden, after Fonda's return from Hanoi.

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