POL3 306S, Spring 2005
Seminar: The Vietnam War
Prof. William A. Joseph


The readings are listed in the order in which it is recommended that they be done. (ER) assignments available via Electronic Reserves in the FirstClass conference for this course. (OL) assignments are on-line and can be accessed by clicking on the link on the on-line syllabus or via the course FirstClass Conference.; (H) assignments will be handed out in class. (R) means on reserve in Knapp.

Part I: Frameworks and Facts

January 31 Introduction to the Course: Why Study the Vietnam War?

February 7 Revolution & War: A Framework for Analysis

In-class video: "Battle of Algiers" (excerpts)

February 14 Vietnam: Culture, Colonialism, and Resistance
February 21 The French War,1945-54
February 28 The American War (I), 1954-63: Entering the Tunnel, or Another New Frontier? March 7 The American War (II), 1964-68: Light at the End of the Tunnel? or All the Way with LBJ!

In-class video: "Why Vietnam?"

March 14 The American War (III), 1968-1975: Exiting the Tunnel, or The Secret Plan for "Peace"

Part II : Issues and Analysis

March 28 Insurgent Vietnam

In-class video: "Know Your Enemy: The Viet Cong"

April 4 Americans & Allies at War
April 19: Beyond Vietnam: The Wars in Laos and Cambodia
April 25 Beyond Vietnam: The Anti-War Movement and the Media in the U. S.
May 2 Vietnam and US-Vietnam Relations After theWar

May 9 Lessons, Legacies, and Memories

In-class video: "Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision" (excerpts)

Course Overview

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