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Narrative psychology explores the human propensity to create and use stories about significant figures and events in the process of identity formation. Topics will include an exploration of mermaids and related figures as cultural images, metaphors for personal transformation, and archetypal symbols of the collective unconscious. The Little Mermaid and La Sirene of Haitian Vodou will be examined as representations of men's fear of, and attempts to control, women's spirituality and sexuality. The personality theories of Jung and Reich provide the framework for the seminar.

Prerequisite: Open to juniors and seniors who have taken 212 and one other 200-level unit, excluding 205, or permission of instructor.

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The Mermaid Myth
An explanation of the historical references to mermaids as well as some stories about them

The Psychology of Mermaids
Why people view mermaids very differently

Artwork and Representation
A collection of modern and historical depictions of mermaids

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