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The course catalog gives a full description of the requirements for a psychology major.  In brief, the major requires at least 9.25 units. Students must take Introductory Psychology (PSYC 101), Statistics (PSYC 205), a research methods course, three courses at the 200 level (excluding stats and 299 internships), and two courses at the 300 level (excluding the research methods course).

Psych 101 provides an overview of the various subdisciplines in the field: personality, child development, social psychology, biological psychology, cognition, clinical psychology, and cultural psychology. The 200-level courses and 300-level courses and seminars each focus on a particular subfield or topic within psychology.  Students get hands-on experience in conducting their own research projects in a research methods course.  Some students also pursue independent research or do internships in the community under faculty supervision.

To learn more about courses offered by the Psychology Department please check out our Psychology Course Curriculum (opens as pdf).

AP, IB, and other Pre-Wellesley Coursework in Psychology
Students who have received a 5 on the Psychology AP exam, or a 5, 6, or 7 on the Higher Level IB exam, are exempt from the PSYC 101 requirement, but may not count the unit toward the major. Students who have taken a college-level Introductory Psychology course prior to coming to Wellesley are exempt from the PSYC 101 requirement. If the credit for that course has been transferred to Wellesley and appears on the studentís college transcript, it may be counted toward the psychology major. AP credit for statistics does not exempt students from PSYC 205.
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