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Each psychology major is assigned a faculty advisor. The advisor reviews student course selections and is available to discuss academic programs. In addition, faculty advisors assist students in making decisions about graduate study and careers in psychology. Majors should feel free to meet with their advisors throughout the year whenever questions arise about academic programs, future plans, or special problems.

The Major
A psychology major consists of at least 9.25 units, including 205 (Statistics), one research methods course, three 200-level courses (at least one course numbered 207-213, which includes developmental, social, personality, and clinical psychology; and at least one course numbered 214-219, which includes cognition, memory, sensation and perception, and biological psychology; and excluding any research methods courses), and two 300-level courses (at least one of which must be numbered 302-349—non independent study and internship courses—and excluding any research methods courses).
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For students who entered the college in Fall 2004 or later, 101 is also a required course for the major. PSYC 299 does not count as one of the nine courses for the major. At least five of the courses for the major must be taken in the department.

205 is the only Wellesley statistics course that will count toward the fulfillment of the major. In order to obtain Wellesley credit for a statistics course taken at another institution during the summer or academic year, approval must be obtained from the department prior to enrolling in the course. Transfer students wishing to obtain credit for statistics courses taken prior to enrollment at Wellesley should consult the chair of the department.

Research Methods Requirement:
The department offers eight research methods courses: PSYC 304R, 306R, 307R, 310R, 312R, 314R, 320R and 324R. Research methods courses taken outside of Wellesley will not fulfill this requirement. In order to be eligible for Senior Thesis Research (PSYC 360), students must complete the research methods course by the end of the junior year.

The Minor
A psychology minor consists of five units, including one course at the 300 level and including 101 for students who enter the college in Fall 2004 or later. PSYC 299, 350, and 351 do not count as one of the five courses for the minor. At least three of the courses for the minor must be taken in the department.

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