Nancy Genero, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Psychology Department

Department of Psychology
Wellesley College
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481-8203
Phone: 781-283-3004
Office: Pendleton East 503

I completed my doctoral training in social psychology at the University of Mighigan in Ann Arbor. Currently I am an associate professor of psychology at Wellesley College where I teach culture and social identity as well as introductory and advanced statistics. For the past twenty years, my work has focused on the psychological issues that pertain to the lives of diverse groups of women, girls, and their families. In particular, I study the role of mutuality in close relationships and its impact on acculturation. As part of this work, I published the first validated measure of mutual psychological development through the Stone Center (Genero, Miller, Surrey and Baldwin, 1992). Most recently, I am exploring statistical models to identify the impact of relational mediators on family social support among working-class ethnic adolescent girls. I have received support for my research from the Bunting Institute at Radcliffe College, the Social Science Research Council, the Brachman Hoffmann Fellowship Program at Wellesley College, and the American Association of University Women. In addition, I serve as a faculty scholar at the Wellesley Centers for Women where I mentor postdoctoral students interested in conducting research on relational and acculturation processes. In 2007, I received the Pinanski Award for Distinguished Teaching for innovative instruction in statistics.