VOL. 51 NO. 3 May/June 2014
Social Science and the Public Interest:  

The “Professionalized” Solution to the “College Bubble”

  Melvyn L. Fein  
Feature Article:

Our Killing Schools

  C. Bradley Thompson

Symposium: The Scope and Reach of the Regulatory State

Changing the Culture of Health: One Public Health Misstep at a Time

  Peter D. Jacobson
  The Perils of Public Health Regulation
  Jessica Flanigan
  Freedom, Choice and Public Well-Being: Some Psychological Perspectives

   Paul Rozin     

  Public Health and the Regulatory State

Pierre Lemieux           


Nanny Bloomberg

  Richard Klein    

The Poverty of Environmentalism

  Fred Siegel

Economic and Ideological Corruptions of the Regulatory State

  William English

Libertarian Paternalism: Leviathan in Sheep's Clothing? 

  David R. Henderson

Pink Police State: An Anatomy of the New American Regime

  James Poulos


Social Science and Public Policy: The Not-So-Good News about Teenage Pregnancy
  Naomi Farber    
Culture and Society:

Popular Culture, The New York Times and the New Republic

  Paul Hollander    
Society's Books of Note:
Review Essay: FDR and the Jews
  Jerrold Auerbach
  FDR and the Holocaust
  Edward S. Shapiro
Book Reviews:

Will Morrisey on Albert Camus: Algerian Chronicles, by Albert Camus

[Harvard University Press]


Peter I. Rose on The Inventor and the Tycoon, by Edward Ball


John P. Rossi on The Last Lion: Winston Churchill: Defender of the Realm 1940-1965, by William Manchester and Paul Reid

[Little Browm]


Stephen P. Turner on Max Weber in Politics and Social Thought: From Charisma to Canonization, by Joshua Derman

[Cambridge University Press]

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