The international periodical of record in social science and public policy since 1962, SOCIETY presents new ideas and research findings from all the social sciences in a readable and useful manner. It is aimed at decision makers and others concerned with trends in modern society. Each issue features a special symposium and policy-relevant research, and reviews of significant new books. Articles in SOCIETY span the social sciences, including sociology, political science, economics, psychology, and anthropology. For advertisers, this means an interdisciplinary readership of social scientists and others with a proven interest in social and political issues -- a key market for books and other products.
All manuscripts must be submitted in electronic form, preferably in Microsoft Word. They can be submitted directly, via e-mail as an attachment to: society@ All articles should follow the format of SOCIETY. Questions related to submission may be addressed to Dr. Jonathan Imber at society@
"SOCIETY is unique, sober, scholarly, independent of political correctness, and most important, accessible to an educated public...Its longevity attests to the fact that it meets that great need." -Daniel Bell, Harvard University, author of The Coming of Post-Industrial Society
"SOCIETY is the only magazine that simultaneously and successfully sets the standards of rigorous, scientific, scholarly work on today's society. It is scholarly, educational, readable, and informative. " -Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005), Claremont Graduate University
"Mission accomplished. This journal remains essential for academic and larger public libraries." -Eric Bryant, Library Journal
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