Jonathan B. Imber, Editor-in-Chief  
Daniel J. Mahoney, Book Review Editor  
Peter Berger Boston University
Thomas Cushman Wellesley College
Steven Grosby Clemson University
Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn Syracuse University
Daniel J. Mahoney Assumption College
John Rodden University of Texas
Peter Skerry Boston College
Christopher Winship Harvard University
Stephen Bates University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ali Benazzuzi Boston College
H. Kim Bottomly Wellesley College
Kenneth Chilton Lindenwood University
Daniel Chirot University of Washington
Tyler Cowen George Mason University
Joseph E. Davis University of Virginia
Nicolas de Warren Wellesley College
John Patrick Diggins CUNY Graduate Center
Robin Rogers-Dillon Queens College, CUNY Graduate Center
Steven Ealy Liberty Fund
Karen Fields University of Rochester
Robin Fox Rutgers University
Peter Frumkin University of Texas
Kambiz GhaneaBassire Reed College
Linda Gottfredson University of Delaware
A. James Gregor University of California, Berkeley
Neil Gross Harvard University
Robert Hefner Boston University
Jeffrey Herf University of Maryland
Howard Husock Manhattan Institute
James Davison Hunter University of Virginia
Alexander H. Joffe The David Project
Howard L. Kaye Franklin & Marshall College
Judith Kleinfeld University of Alaska
Leslie Lenkowsky Indiana University
Frederick R. Lynch Claremont McKenna College
Andrei Markovits University of Michigan
Wilfred McClay University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Shep Melnick Boston College
Jerry Muller Catholic University
Daphne Patai University of Massachusetts
Noah Pickus Emory University
Andrew Sabl University of California, Los Angeles
Lester M. Salamon John Hopkins University
Dante Scala University of New Hampshire
Fred Siegel Cooper Union
Howard J. Silver Consortium of Social Science Associations
David Stoll Middlebury College
Abigail Thernstrom Manhattan Institute
Murray Weidenbaum Washington University
Alan Wolfe Boston College
Alan Woolfolk Flagler College
Harriet Zuckerman Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Phillipe Beneton University of Rennes, France
Andrew Coleman University of Leicester, England
Frank Furedi University of Kent, England
Eva Illouz Hebrew University, Israel
Pierre Manent école des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, France
Dominique Schnapper Constitutional Council of France
Nico Stehr Zeppelin University, Germany
Bryan Stanley Turner National University of Singapore
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