Forty-Five Years of Society

With this issue, Vol. 45, No. 1, Society presents a new masthead, with Senior Editors, an Advisory Editorial Board, and an International Advisory Board. This expanded range of advisors and contributors marks the significant transition in Society’s presence both internationally and online with its new publisher Springer-Science + Business Media. I am pleased and honored to continue, after my decade of work with Transaction Publishers, as Editor-in-Chief with Springer. The collaboration of editor and publisher is always a work in progress, and both readers and contributors of Society should be assured that its mission remains consistent with all that has gone before.

The transition to a new publisher also marks the occasion to acknowledge the nearly forty-five years that Irving Louis Horowitz gave shape and form, as Editor-in-Chief, then Editor-at-Large, and as publisher, to Society. Having worked with Irving for the past decade, it is with a sense of pride and affection that this acknowledgment is made. In his dedicated and able stewardship, Irving led Society as it informed the larger world about the findings of social science, showing equanimity and grace toward many points of view and opening debate about a broad range of issues and controversies that professional societies either ignored or refused to address. Society defines a special relationship between a more general reading public and the expertise of social scientists, public policy specialists, and many other commentators, both academic and journalistic, who have contributed to these pages, some for many years.

If there is a new mandate for Society in the coming years, it is to achieve the most complete representation possible of new voices and ideas, new perspectives and directions, among the rising generation of thinkers and writers for whom the social, cultural, and historical reference points of one generation have been succeeded by new reference points of their own. What binds Society to the past and commits it to the future is the ability of this new generation to bring us all fresh insight about the common sense that social science and social commentary provide. Toward the 50th anniversary of SOCIETY, then, we will endeavor to continue to live up to being the international journal of record in the social sciences.

Jonathan B. Imber
Editor-in-Chief, Society
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