• Classification Number: 1VF
  • Title of Record Series: College Hall Fire
  • Record Group: College
  • Date: March 3, 1977
  • Accession Number: Existing files
  • Sub Group: Events
  • Restrictions: None
  • Volume: 3 boxes

Records pertaining to College Hall Fire of March 17, 1914; dating 1914-1915, 1925, 1971-1974; consisting of correspondence, magazine and newspaper accounts, scrapbooks, desk calendar page, progams; concerning College Hall Fire, expressions of sympathy, and offers of help from others, efforts to replace facilities lost; including personal accounts, and letters to Myrtilla Avery, Alice Van Vechten Brown, Mary Whiton Calkins, Mary T. Caswell, President Ellen Fitz Pendleton, Edith Tufts.

Box 1
  • College Hall Fire: general
  • College Hall Fire: Personal Accounts
  • Telegrams of condolences (March, 1914) and offers of help
  • Letters to President E. F. Pendleton of condolence
  • Letters to President E.F. Pendleton of condolence
  • Letters to President E.F. Pendleton from alumnae, Wellesley College Clubs
  • Letters to President E.F. Pendleton from colleges
  • Letters to President E.F. Pendleton from organizations (other than alumnae; colleges)
  • Letters to Miss Mary Whiton Calkins; Edith Tufts; President of Alumnae Association
  • Letters to Myrtilla Avery
  • Letters to Alice Van Vechten Brown
  • Letters to Mary T. Caswell
  • Olive Davis desk calendar (March 17, 1914) framed
  • Newspaper Articles (paper-mounted): fire
Box 2
  • Newspaper Articles: Fundraising; new buildings and effect of fire
  • Newspaper Articles: fire; estimated losses; people involved
  • Wellesley College News: fire issue
  • Magazine Articles: fire
  • New England Magazine (Oct. 1914): fire
  • Eleanor Blair's Scrapbook: clippings on fire (mostly)
  • Fundraising Programs
  • Scrapbook on fire compiled by Barbara Bach Phipps '16
Box 3
  • B. P. McCrum (March 13, 1945), exhibition material: clippings on fire

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