• Classification number: 3P
  • Title of Record Series: Owen S. Stratton
  • Record Group: Faculty
  • Sub Group: Individuals
  • Date: June 15, 1977
  • Accession Number: A76-50
  • Source: Owen S. Stratton
  • Restrictions: Some material restricted. See box list for more information.
  • Volume: 3 boxes

Papers of Owen S. Stratton; undated, and dating from 1959 to 1970; consisting of notes, summaries of interviews, manuscripts, reports, recommendations, correspondence, clippings, magazine articles, and microfilms; concerning the Ford Foundation sponsored study on the role of pressure groups in the formation of United States policy towards Palestine (a faculty-student internship project); the Structural Revision Committee, a study of the governance of the College; and the controversy over whether a nuclear power plant should be built at Bodega Head, California.


Owen S. Stratton (1911- )was appointed as lecturer at Wellesley College in 1946. In 1953 he became Professor of Political Science and from 1970 to his retirement in 1976 he held the Ralph Emerson Chair. He had a special interest in environmental policy, particularly of the Department of Interior. He served as a consultant on several federal projects, including serving as the Secretary of the Interior's representative on the AgricultureČ Interior North Cascades (Washington) Study Team.

At Wellesley College Professor Stratton was for many years in charge of the Wellesley Summer Washington Internship Program. He held membership in several campus committees: the 1963 committee to elect the President of the College, the committee to oversee the implementation of the agreement between the President and Ethos, and the Structural Revision Committee. He has held Ford Foundation and National Wildlife Federation grants. His wife, Claire Zimmerman, is a Professor of Psychology at Wellesley College.

Box 1
  • Ford Foundation Study: Administrative (1959-1961)
  • Ford Foundation Study: American Palestine Committee (1946); Anglo-American Committee (notes, 1946); Anti-Zionist Organizations (notes, 1948)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Arab Positions (Notes on 1946-1949); Arabs, United States Attitudes Toward (Notes from 1947-1960)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Assignments for Research (1960); Arms (Notes-undated, 1948); Bibliography (Sources dating 1928-1953)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Biographical Data on People Studied (undated); British Position (Notes, 1926-1948)
  • Ford Foundation Study: The Cabinet and Presidential Advisors (undated)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Chapter I: Outline and Introduction (draft) undated, 1960
  • Ford Foundation Study: Chapter II "Palestine in the Inter-War Years" (Also includes Quotation of the Balfour Declaration of 1917) undated draft
  • Ford Foundation Study: Chapter III "Beginnings of U.S. Involvement," Chapter IV "Palestine and the Refugee Problem" (undated drafts)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Chapter VII "Retreat from Partition" (undated draft and duplicate)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Chronological Notes from the New York Times for April-May 1948
  • Ford Foundation Study: Clark Clifford Interview (1960); Clark Clifford Papers (Notes) 1960
  • Ford Foundation Study: Correspondence (1960-1962)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Congress--General (Notes Undated, 1946-1948); Congressional Resolution of 1944
  • Ford Foundation Study: Decision of 1948 (United States Recognition of the State of Isreal) Notes on 1948
  • Ford Foundation Study: Democratic Party (Notes-undated, 1948); Design of Project (undated)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Abe Feinberg Interview (1961); James Forrestal (Notes from his 1948 Diary)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Oscar Sass Interview (1960); David Ginsberg Interview (1960)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Immigration (Notes-undated, 1944-1946)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Susan Levine Manuscript on the Period of March 19-May 15, 1948
  • Ford Foundation Study: Robert Lovett Interview and Notes (1960); Mandate for Palestine of 1947 (text)
  • Ford Foundation Study: George Marshall (Notes undated, 1954); Mass Media (undated)
Box 2
  • Ford Foundation Study: Military (Notes-undated, 1944-1961); David Niles [Neyhus] undated, 1961
  • Ford Foundation Study: Official Statements of U.S. (Notes-undated, 1947); Oil (Notes undated, 1946-1948); Palestine Commission (Notes, 1948)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Partition Resolution (Notes-undated, 1946-1948) Ford Foundation Study: Political Platforms of 1944 (Notes)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Peggy Powell's and Barbara Lynch's Analyses of 1944-1948 Publications Read
  • Ford Foundation Study: Peggy Powell's Manuscript Draft on the Decision of March 19, 1948 (notes included) undated
  • Ford Foundation Study: Public Opinion on Jewish Immigration (notes, 1946-1947); Reports (undated, 1959-1960); Republican Party (notes undated, 1946-1948)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Eleanor Roosevelt Interview (undated); Franklin D. Roosevelt (Notes, 1939-1945); Russians (biographical information and notes undated, 1948)
  • Ford Foundation Study: Harry Sachar Thesis (notes, 1948); Abba Silver (notes, 1947-1948)
  • Ford Foundation Study: State Department (Includes Biographical Information) notes undated, 1944-1952, 1962
  • Ford Foundation Study: Harry S. Truman: Interview (1961); Notes from undated, 1935, 1946-1950 sources
  • Ford Foundation Study: Truce-Trusteeship (Notes, 1948); United Nations (Biographical Information on Delegates) notes undated, 1947-1948
  • Ford Foundation Study: United States Policy: General (notes undated, 1948); Before 1945 (notes undated, 1918-1945)
  • Ford Foundation Study: United States Policy: During 1945-1946 (notes); After May 15, 1948 (notes, 1948)
  • Ford Foundation Study: War (Arabs-Jews) Notes-undated, 1947-1948
  • Ford Foundation Study: White House Staff (notes undated, 1947-1948); Zionists (biographical information and notes) undated, 1939-1960
  • Ford Foundation Study: Zionists Opposition (notes undated, 1947); Zionists Organizations (clippings and notes undated, 1944-1948, 1960); Zionists Strategy (notes undated, 1945-1948)
  • Samuel Halperin, "American Zionism; the Building of a Political Interest Group," Ph.D., Washington University, 1956
  • Irwin Oder, "The United States and the Palestine Mandate, 1920-1948: A Study of the Impact of Interest Groups on Foreign Policy," Ph.D., Columbia University, 1956
  • Selected documents from the Papers of Harry S. Truman, 1945-1948: Official File 204 "Palestine"
Box 3
  • Structural Revision Committee: Memorandums 1969-1970
  • Structural Revision Committee: College Government Association (1968-1970)
  • Structural Revision Committee: Committee Structure of Academic Council Review (undated, 1965-1969)
  • Structural Revision Committee: Departments, Academic (undated, 1969-1970)
  • Structural Revision Committee: Faculty Council (undated); Judicial (undated, 1969); Jurisdiction and Responsibilities of College Offices (1968)
  • Structural Revision Committee: Legislation before Academic Council (1968); Minutes (1968-1969)
  • Structural Revision Committee: Reports (1969) and undated Memo; Student Representation on Academic Council (undated, 1968); Trustees (1966, 1969-1970)
  • Bodega Head: Kathleen Wooley Paper (1963); Bodega Head (Miscellaneous) 1963
  • Bodega Head: Northern California Association to Preserve
  • Bodega Head & Harbor (undated, 1962-1964)
  • Bodega Head: Sierra Club, Articles, Clippings, Speeches (undated, 1962-1963)
  • Bodega Head: Government Negotiations and documents (1963-1969)
  • Bodega Head: California State Supreme Court Cases (undated)
  • Recommendations (1951-1952); Grades

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