Pin Cherry,
Fire Cherry

Prunus pennsylvanica
Family Rosaceae

* Leaves narrow, ovate with pointed tips, fine-toothed, 2-5".
* Twigs red, with buds clustered at or near the twig tips.
* Flower white, rose-like, in an umbrella-shaped cluster.
* Fruit red, round, hanging.
* Bark red-brown, smooth, marked by cross-hatches.
* Height: 10-30'.

Natural History:
* Flowers March - July.
* Fruits July - September.
* Habitat: Thickets, young forests, burned areas.
* Range: Canada and eastern and central United States.
* Native.

* All young cherry trees release a cough-syrup-like odor when their bark is scraped.

* Cherries are important plants in that they support a variety of wildlife. Although humans usually find the small, red fruits too bitter, birds, bears, foxes, raccoons, chipmunks, and mice love them. If you decide to try the fruits, make sure you don't eat the pits, because they contain cyanide!


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