Yellow Daylily,
Lemon Lily

Hemerocallis flava
Family Liliaceae

* Flowers lemon yellow, unspotted, upward-facing. six petals,blossoms from the top of the stalk.
* Very similar to orange daylily, but smaller and with unspotted petals.
* Leaf blade-like.
* Height: 1-3'.

Natural History:
* Blossoms all summer, but each flower stays open for one day only.
* Habitat: Meadows, roadsides.
* Introduced from Asia and escaped from cultivation.

* The Lily family has over 294 genera and 4,500 species (just imagine the reunions). Most members are abundant in the tropics. A lily is a lilium in Latin, a leirion in Greek, and a laleh in Persian. For more information about daylilies, see Orange Daylily.

* Daylilies are sometimes found growing on people's wrists and clothing, as is shown in bottom photo at the right.


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