Songs of China's Cultural Revolution

William A. Joseph
Department of Political Science
Wellesley College


The East is Red

Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman

The People of the World Will Surely Be Victorious!

Long Live Chairman Mao!

I Love Beijing's Tiananmen!

March of the Revolutionary Youth

We are Chairman Mao's Red Guards

I am a Little Member of the Commune

Little Ping Pong Ball

The Force at the Core Leading Our Cause
(A Quotation from Chairman Mao)

Cultural Revolution Songs on YouTube
(No Translations)

A Red Sun At The Center Of Our Hearts

Golden Sun Rises In East

Sun Rises Shining Everywhere

Kindness Of Mao

Song Of Oil Workers

Sun Over Prairie

Sheep On Grassland

For an interesting essay on Cultural Revolution music, see
Songs of the Red Guards: Keywords Set to Music

Vivian Wagner (University of Heidelberg)

See also
"Serve the People": Daily Life in China During the Cultural Revolution


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