Songs of China's Cultural Revolution

William A. Joseph
Department of Political Science
Wellesley College

                          Revolution Songs/Album


The East is Red

Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman

The People of the World Will Surely Be Victorious!

Long Live Chairman Mao!

I Love Beijing's Tiananmen!

March of the Revolutionary Youth

We are Chairman Mao's Red Guards

I am a Little Member of the Commune

Little Ping Pong Ball

The Force at the Core 
(A Quotation from Chairman Mao)

For further reading, see
Songs of the Red Guards: Keywords Set to Music
, Vivian Wagner (University of Heidelberg)
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Listening to China’s Cultural Revolution: Music, Politics, and Cultural Continuities, by Laikwan Pang (Editor), Paul Clark (Editor), Tsan-Huang Tsai (Editor)

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"Serve the People":
Daily Life in China During the Cultural Revolution