Welcome to the Psychology 205 Review Site! This site is designed for Wellesley students who have taken Psych 205 and would like a quick reference to the basic tools and concepts covered in lab. At this site, you can do any of the following 3 things:

If you want to find out which areas you need to review, you can take the Review Test. You will be asked 10 questions about procedures learned in Psych 205. When you're done, you can see the answers and use the rest of the site to review those areas where you need help.

If you have a dataset but are unsure of the procedure you would like to run, you can follow the Decision Tree. The Decision Tree consists of a series of questions about what you would like to do and the type of data with which you are working. After answering all the questions, you will arrive at the appropriate test for your data.

If you know the name of the test or tool you want to use, you can go to a list of procedures available on this site and view all the information you will need to run the test and interpret the output.

What would you like to do?

Take the Review Test

Use the Decision Tree

Go directly to the procedure I want to use

Susan Archambault
Psychology Department, Wellesley College

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Created On: July 6, 2000
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