Below are 10 questions about procedures learned in Psych 205. To see the answers, click here.

  1. How would you compare self-esteem mean ratings for a sample of Wellesley students vs. a hypothetical mean for the population of all female college students?
  2. How would you establish the magnitude and direction of the association between two continuous variables, such as self-esteem and depression? (Both variables are normally distributed.)
  3. How would you compare gun control mean attitudes between high school and college students?
  4. How would you test the frequency distribution of marital status within a community sample of adults ages 25-40?
  5. How would you compare pre- and post-test math scores for a sample of fourth-graders?
  6. How would you compare attitudes regarding achievement satisfaction among college students in first, second, third, and fourth year?
  7. How would you establish the association between ethnic group identification (e.g. white, African-American, Latino) and socioeconomic status?
  8. How would you evaluate the amount of variance accounted for by one variable in predicting another variable?
  9. You are asked to run univariate (descriptive) statistics. Which statistics should you include?
  10. What type of graph displays the measures of dispersion for an interval or ratio variable?


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