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The use of archival photos on this site symbolizes the rich history of Wellesley's Psychology Department. For more information, see The History of the Wellesley College Psychology Department.

Photo credits for Images above, left to right:

Students in a ClassroomOriginal image found in Wellesley College Archives.
Virginia Onderdonk '29 teaching a philosophy course at Wellesley College.
Famous Psychology ProfessorsOriginal Images found in Wellesley College Archives.
Clockwise from top left: Edna Heidbreder, Mary Whiton Calkins, Eleanor Gamble. All three were notable psychology professors at Wellesley College during the early years of the psychology department at Wellesley.
Research LaboratoryOriginal image found in Wellesley College Archives.
Built by Mary Whiton Calkins in 1891, this psychology laboratory at Wellesley College was the first to be built in a liberal arts college as well as one of the earliest to be established in the United States.

Freud's Couch© The Freud Museum, London.
To see the original image, click here.
Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic couch, which is covered with an Iranian rug and has chenile cushions piled on top, was used by all of his patients and is the most famous piece of furniture in the museum

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