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Econ 223


Course Outline & Readings

I. Prototypes & Evaluating Internet Financial Sites

September 13-16

September 20-September 24

II. Human Capital: Rewards, Risks & How You Get Paid

September 27-October 8

Note: There will be no class on October 7

V. Lowering Your Risk: Insuring, Hedging & Saving

October 11-October 15

IV. Income Taxes: What You Pay, What Your Get & How It Affects Your Spending and Investing

October 18-October 22

III. Purchasing Strategies:  How to Buy, How to Pay for It & How to Finance It

October 25-November 19

IV. Investing:  Managing Your Assets

November 22-December 9

  Class Presentations--Questions for the Class & the 3 most important things you leaned by developing your prototype


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