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Econ 223


The dates for Assignments 4-9 are approximate & may vary by 3 or 4 days. We have provided these tentative dates to allow you to schedule time to complete the assignments.

Assignment 1-Prototype Summary (Due September 16)

Assignment 2- RITE Evaluation (Due September 20)

Assignment 3-Human Capital (Due September 27)

Assignment 4-Pay Stub-Taxes (Due October 4)

Assignment 5-Pay Stub-Employee Benefits(Due October 14)

Yellow DiamondAssignment 6-Completing a Tax Return(Due October 21)

Assignment 7-Purchases (Due October 28)

Assignment 8-Risk & Investment Goals(Due November 4)

Assignment 9-Net Worth & Current Asset Allocation (Due November 11)

Yellow DiamondAssignment 10-Recommended Allocation & Implementation (Due November 21, 5PM)

Final Presentations (Due November 22-December 10)

Financial Advisor Assignment (Due December 12, 5PM)

Final Assignment (Due December 19, 5PM)


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