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The following gallery presents a selection of images from Salter's complete oeuvre. Before emigrating he produced a total of 357 jobs for 35 different German publishers. In New York he then worked for 89 different publishers, ultimately completing around 715 different book jackets. One could add to these figures a few private jobs and various projects for publishers in Holland, Latin America, and West Germany. The various different titles that appeared in series of unified designs make the list even longer.

A comprehensive catalogue of Salter's book jackets can be found in Hansen, Classic Book Jackets: The Design Legacy of George Salter (Princeton Architectural Press, 2005). For more information about this book, please click on the button Sources, Archives. With only a couple of exceptions, this website does not repeat images that appear in the book.

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Designs from Salter's Berlin Period (1922-1934)



Giganten Ein Abenteuerbuch

Siegfried von Vegesack,
Das fressende Haus,
Munich: Universitas, 1932.
Michael Arlen,
Munich: R. Piper & Co., 1932
Alfred Döblin,
Giganten Ein Abenteuerbuch,
Berlin: S. Fischer, 1932.
Heinrich Hauser,
Ein Mann lernt fliegen,
Berlin: S. Fischer, 1933.
Arthur Holitscher,
Berlin: Kiepenheuer, 1928.
Ernst Toller,
Feuer aus den Kesseln,
Berlin: Kiepenheuer, 1930.



Griff In Den Orient

Beverly Nichols,
U.S.A.; Glossen um das Sternenbanner,
Leipzig: E. A. Seeman, 1930
Alexander Tarassow-Rodionow,
Berlin: Kiepenheuer, 1928
Leo Matthias,
Griff in den Orient. Eine Reise und etwas mehr,
Leipzig: Bibliographisches Institut, 1931.
Publisher's advertising broadside
for S. Fischer, 1931.
Peter Mendelssohn,
Paris über mir,
Leipzig: Reclam, 1931.

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Designs Produced in the United States (1934-1967)

Strange and Fantastic Stories

Bang the Drum Slowly


The Death of the Heart

Joseph Margolies & Christopher Morley, eds.,
Strange & Fantastic Stories,

N. Y.: McGraw Hill, 1946.
Mark Harris,
Bang the Drum Slowly,
N. Y.: Alfred Knopf, 1956.
Elizabeth Bowen,
The Death of the Heart,
N. Y.: Alfred Knopf, 1939.
Herbert Alvin Wise and Phyllis M. Fraser,eds.
Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural,
N. Y.: Random House, 1944.
Richard Arnold Berman & Elizabeth R. Hapgood.
Home from the Sea. Robert Louis
Stevenson in Samoa,

N. Y.: Bobbs-Merrill, 1939.
Fan Nichols,
Possess Me Not,
N. Y.: Frederick Fell, 1946.

I Met a Gypsy

Unfinished Journey

W. J. (Wilbur Joseph) Cash.
The Mind of the South,
N. Y.: Vintage, 1960.
Norah Lofts,
I Met A Gypsy,
N. Y.: Alfred Knopf, 1935.
Jack Jones,
Unfinished Journey,
N. Y.: Oxford University Press, 1937.
Igor Stravinsky,.
An Autobiography,
N. Y.: Simon & Schuster, 1936.
Carl Zuckmayer,
The Moons Ride Over,
N. Y.: Viking, 1937.
William Shirer,
Berlin Diary,
N. Y.: Alfred Knopf, 1941.

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Magazine Covers Produced for Mercury Publications (1930s - 1960s)

Fantasy and Sci-Fi

This design from the late 1960s uses Salter’s
lettering with cover art by a different illustrator.

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Salter as Calligrapher and Penman: Miscellaneous Lettering Jobs

Venture Sci-Fi


Mailing label for The Chiswick Bookshop,
New York City.
Title for the science fiction
magazine Venture.
Letterhead for Colorgraphics,
New York City.
Lettering by Salter, figure by Fritz Kredel, 1938.
Broadside with lettering and
illustrations by Salter;
text by I. Warsaw, 1940.
Magazine gift subscription card, Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Salter Note

Salter devised this card in the 1950's at a
time when work was slow. He sent it to publishers and art directors to remind
them of his existence, with the result that commissions flowed in once more.
Bookplate for subscribers,
The Book of the Month Club.
Series logo, Random House.

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