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Presidents, Policy-makers, & VIPs of the Vietnam War

Vietnam and the Presidency Conference, JFK Library, March 2006
John F. Kennedy | Lyndon B. Johnson | Richard M. Nixon| Robert S. McNamara | Henry Kissinger
| Gerald Ford | Robert F. Kennedy
Ho Chi Minh | Nguyen Vo Giap
Conversations with History | Cold War History Project Interviews
White House Tapes

Vietnam and the Presidency. A Conference Sponsored by the Presidential Libraries and the National Archives & Records Administrations Held March 11-12, 2006; Web site includes complete videos and transcripts

The Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, Extensive Collection of Audio-Video Materials on Presidential Speeches, Taped Conversations, etc.

John F. Kennedy

Lyndon B. Johnson

Richard M. Nixon

Robert S. McNamara

Henry Kissinger

Gerald R. Ford

Robert F. Kennedy

Conversations with History Project: The Vietnam War  (University of California)

  • Video of conversations with Robert McNamara, Daniel Ellsberg, Neil Sheean, Harry Summers, and others.

Cold War History Project Interviews (CNN & National Security Archives)

White House Tapes. org (Miller Center, University of Virginia; Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon; search for Vietnam)

Ho Chi Minh

Nguyen Vo Giap (North Vietnamese Commander)