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Audio-Visual Programs
China's Rise in Historical Context, Miller Center University of Virginia, Series organized by Prof. Brantley Womack

Producing Knowledge about China: Social Science Perspectives (5 panels from a conference at UC Berkeley, May 2010.

Global Voices China Blue: An undercover look at the brutal conditions in a Chinese blue jeans factory. (PBS/Global Voices, 2009)

China Prep: The next generation of Chinese leaders are molded under pressure at an elite high school (Video, PBS/Wide Angle, 2008)

China From the Inside (PBS/KQED 2007) Four Episodes: 1) "Power and the People"; 2) "Women of the Country"; 3) "Shifting Nature"; 4) "Freedom and Justice."

China on the Rise (PBS News Hour, Fall 2005) Seven episodes: 1) China's Growing Economy; 2) The Chinese Consumer; 3) The Cult of Mao Zedong; 4) Misinvestment in China; 5) Interview with Cheng Siwei (The "Father of Venture Capital" in China); 6) Piracy Explored; 7) Bumps in the Road

Live from China: Marketplace, National Public Radio, January 2006 (5 segments)

China Rises - A Four Part Video Series and Interactive Web Site presented by The New York Times, the Canadian Broadcsting Corporation, et. al.

Revolution and Evolution in Modern China, 11 Part Video Series  (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


Nixon in China, Hu in America, Orville Schell, Peter Sellers (01.11.2011)

Thomas Friedman on America and China (01.10.2011)

Minxin Pei: Is China Outcompeting the US? (07.16.2010)

Revaluation of China's Currency: Roach and Wolf Debate (05.25.2010)

Jerome A. Cohen, Reflections on 50 Years of Chinese Law (04.20.2010)

Dr. Deborah Brautigam: The Real Story of China in Africa

China's Economy in 2010: An NCUSCR Forum at the NYSE, Part I (01.07.2010)

China's Economy in 2010: An NCUSCR Forum at the NYSE, Part II (01.07.2010)

China Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections (Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Kurt M. Campbell) (12.08.2009 )

Once Upon a Time in Beijing: Five Ambassadors to China (12.08.2009)

Chinese Banks Have Plenty of Room to Expand (12.08.2009)

Xiran on her book, China Witness: Voices for a Silent Generation (02.27.09)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Asia Society Address(02.13.2009)

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao at the World Economic Forum(01.28.09)

China & India: Catching Up With the West? (11.01.08)

China: New Hope or Threat to the World? (11.25.08)

Battle of Ideas: What is China Thinking? (11.02.08)

Dr. Geoff Raby (Australian Ambassador to China) - How Much Has China Really Changed? (10.08.2008)

Out of Mao's Shadow: Profiling Dissidents in China, Washington Post journalist Philip Pan (07.22.2008)

Earthquake, Demonstrations, and the Beijing Olympic Games: A Conversation between Orville Schell and James Miles (07.09.2008)

China's Economic Rise: Fact and Fiction - Carnegie Endowment(07.09.2008)

Nicholas Eberstadt: China's Looming Demographic Trouble- Hoover Institution (04.28.08)

Roderick MacFarquhar on the Cultural Revolution (09.28.2006)