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The Cambodian Genocide

Pol Pot's Shadow
(PBS Frontline)

Pol Pot's Legacy (PBS Online News Hour, June 18, 1997)

Pol Pot: Death of a Dictator (PBS Online NewHour, April 16, 1998)

The Legacy of Pol Pot: A Photographic Record of Mass Murder (

Pol Pot: Life of a Tyrant (BBC)

Pol Pot's Shadow (PBS Frontline, October 2002)

Pol Pot & Kissinger (Edward S. Herman, Z Magazine)

Pol Pot and the US Government Connection (Democracy Now: 4/28/98)

The Cambodian Genocide (University of Minnesota Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies)

Cambodia Genocide: Memories from Tuol Seng Prison (

Killing Field's Survivors' Art (WBUR Radio)

Art of the Killing Fields (Legacy Project)

From Sideshow to Genocide: Stories from the Cambodia Holocaust

Dith Pran "Killing Fields" Homepage

Cambodian Holocaust Digital Archive

Cambodian Genocide: A Web Project

A Survivor of Tuol Sleng (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Cambodian Genocide Program (Yale University)

Trial and Error: Cambodia's War Crimes Tribunal (By Josh Kurlantzick, The New Republic Online, July 12, 2006)

Cambodia's War Crimes Tribunal (Audio interview with Dan Southerland, Executive Editor, Radio Free Asia, Nov. 2007)

Contemporary Cambodia

World Bank/Cambodia

Government of Cambodia Homepage


Laos: The Secret War

Supporting the "Secret War"CIA Air Operations in Laos, 1955-1974 (Studies in Intelligence, CIA)

Laos: three perspectives on a secret war (Air University Review, January-February 1981, Major Earl H. Tilford, Jr)

Children of War (Douangdeuane Douangdara, Lao Vision Magazine, archived)

Laos Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery

Laos War Legacy: Cluster Bombs (Mennonite Central Committee)

Hmong Homepage

World Bank/Laos

Lao Embassy to the USA