INSTRUCTIONS: These items describe different aspects of identity. Please read each item carefully and consider how it applies to you. Fill in the blank next to each item by choosing a number from the scale below:
  1 = Not important to my sense of who I am
2 = Slightly important to my sense of who I am
3 = Somewhat important to my sense of who I am
4 = Very important to my sense of who I am
5 = Extremely important to my sense of who I am
1. The things I own, my possessions
2. My personal values and moral standards
3. My popularity with other people
4. Being a part of the many generations of my family
5. My dreams and imagination
6. The ways in which other people react to what I say and do
7. My race or ethnic background
8. My personal goals and hopes for the future
9. My physical appearance: my height, my weight, and the shape of my body
10. My religion
11. My emotions and feelings
12. My reputation, what others think of me
13. Places where I live or where I was raised
14. My thoughts and ideas
15. My attractiveness to other people
16. My age, belonging to my age group or being part of my generation
17. The ways I deal with my fears and anxieties
18. My sex, being a male or a female
19. My feeling of being a unique person, being distinct from others
20. My social class, the economic group I belong to whether lower, middle, or upper class
21. Knowing that I continue to be essentially the same inside even though life involves many external changes
22. My gestures and mannerisms, the impression I make on others
23. My feeling of belonging to my community
24. My self-knowledge, my ideas about what kind of person I really am
25. My social behavior, such as the way I act when meeting people
26. My feeling of pride in my country, being proud to be a citizen
27. My physical abilities, being coordinated and good at athletic activities
28. My personal self-evaluation, the private opinion I have of myself
29. Being a sports fan, identifying with a sports team
30. My occupational choice and career plans
31. My commitments on political issues or my political activities
32. My academic ability and performance, such as the grades I earn and comments I get from teachers
33. My language, such as my regional accent or dialect or a second language that I know
34. My role of being a student in college
35. My sexual orientation, whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual
Scoring for AIQ-IIIx

The AIQ-IIIx contains 35 items, as correctly shown on the web Questionnaire These items score into 3 scales plus a set of "special" items that may be used individually.

  PI = Personal Identity Orientation
SI = Social Identity Orientation
CI = Collective Identity Orientation
SP = Special items [not scored on scales]
Each of the 3 scales scores is the sum of the answers (1-5) given to those items.
  PI = 2 5 8 11 14 17 19 21 24 28 [sum of answers to 10 items]
SI = 3 6 9 12 15 22 25 [sum of answers to 7 items]
CI = 4 7 10 13 23 26 31 33 [sum of answers to 8 items]
SP = 1 16 18 20 27 29 30 32 34 35 (10 items not scored on scales)
A supplemental table showing a breakdown of AIQ scale means by ethnicity is available here.


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