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Spec 20 Instructions
The Standard Curve

Sometimes it is necessary to use one solution to make a specific amount of a more dilute solution. To do this, you can use the formula:

     V1C1 = V2C2

     V1 = volume of starting solution needed to make the new solution
     C1 = concentration of starting solution
     V2 = final volume of new solution
     C2 = final concentration of new solution

For example: Make 5mL of a 0.25M solution from 2.5mL of a 1M solution.

     V1C1 = V2C2
     (V1)(1M) = (5mL)(0.25M)
     V1 = [(5mL)(0.25M)] / (1M)
     V1 = 1.25mL

So you will need to use 1.25mL of the 1M solution. Since you want the diluted solution to have a final volume of 5mL, you will need to add ( V1-V2 = 5mL - 1.25mL) 3.75mL of diluent.

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