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 Berlin: Die zwanziger Jahre
Margaret Ward's course at Wellesley College.
 Berlin: Imperial Capital, Metropolis, and Divided City
Rachael Huener's course at Macalaster College. Includes bibliography, images, and reading guides.
 Berlin: The City as Body, the City as Metaphor
Amir Eshel's course at Stanford University. Includes short biographies of cultural and political figures, a glossary, and images.
 From the Kaiser to Hitler: Berlin 1871-1933 in Films and Other Texts
Gabriele Wittig's course at Mount Holyoke College. Includes a bibliography and Web links.
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 The Weimar Republic 

 The Roaring Twenties in Germany
Elaine Martin's course at the University of Alabama. Includes many images.
 Weimar Visual Culture and Media Theory
Todd Samuel Presner's art history course at UCLA.
 From Berlin Bohemia to Hitler: The Weimar Republic's Crisis Democracy & the Emergence of German Fascism
Scott Thompson's course at the New College of California. Includes an impressive collection of Web links.
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