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While other pages on this site focus on specific topics, this page gathers together Web resources of a broader scope that provide information on the 1920s, the Weimar Republic, and Berlin.

Language key: E = English; G = German;
G, E = German and English versions

 The 1920s 

 Die zwanziger Jahre in Deutschland: Webkatalog (G)
An impressive collection of links on many aspects of the 1920s in Germany, including politics, art and culture, technology and transporation, and sports.
 Zwanziger Jahre (G)
An expansive and elegantly designed site with information on many aspects of the 1920s in Germany, including politics, art, film, theater, music, fashion, and dance. Created by a self-proclaimed fan of the era, the site unfortunately suffers from a lack of source citations for the impressive amount of information gathered, so proceed with caution.
 The Roaring Twenties, German-style: Research Guide (E)
A guide to finding print and electronic resources, created by the Cornell University Library.
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 The Weimar Republic 

 Die Weimarer Republik (G)
A very rich set of pages from the Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin (German Historical Museum, Berlin), providing excellent coverage of many aspects of the Weimar period, including politics, art and culture, industry, the economy, and antisemitism. Includes images and audio files.
 From Berlin Bohemia to Hitler: The Weimar Republic's Crisis Democracy & the Emergence of German Fascism (E)
A superb collection of links on many aspects the Weimar Republic, including history, politics, art, architecture, film, literature, and theater. Most of the links are to English-language sites, but there is a substantial number of German links as well under a separate rubric.
 Material zur Zeitgeschichte (G)
A set of pages on various aspects of Weimar culture and politics, created by high school students in Germany as part of a project on the writer Irmgard Keun.
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 Berlin von A bis Z (G)
An impressive compendium of information about Berlin presented by the Luisenstädtischer Bildungsverein. You can browse by theme, search within one section, or search the entire large collection of materials. The link from the homepage to "Berlin-Historisches" is currently broken, but you can get there from other pages or from here. The Stadtentwicklung section presents a large number of articles that trace the development of the city in great detail. Choose "Glanz und Glamour der Weltstadt" for Berlin in the 1920s.
 Verein für die Geschichte Berlins (G)
Information about Berlin's history, geography, architecture, personalities, language, and more, presented by Berlin's oldest historical society. There is also an extensive and well-organized bibliography and a discussion forum.
 Berlin Portal des Zentrums für Berlin Studien (G)
A collection of links to information on the history and culture of Berlin, divided into categories such as people, places, music, theater, etc.
 Berlin: Temporal Topographies (E)
A collaborative effort among undergraduates, graduate students, and scholars in a variety of disciplines at Stanford University and UCLA, this project "explores Berlin's cultural histories using the technologies of new media." Many of the thematic "pathways" are of relevance to the Weimar period: Modern Dance in Berlin, Else Lasker-Schüler, Alexanderplatz and Döblin, Gottfried Benn, Russians in Berlin, and Ruttman's "Berlin: Sinfonie der Großstadt." There are some glitches in the navigation, occasionally making it necessary to back up to the homepage to access some sections.
 Hypermedia Berlin (E)
A project based at UCLA that allows users to explore the history, culture, and urban development of Berlin through a series of navigable historical maps with "hotspots" linked to essays, photos, and other information about places, events, and people in Berlin's history. There are also links to a syllabus and information about the course of the same name. A tutorial on using the site and more information about the program are available here.
 Berlin: The City as Body, the City as Metaphor (E)
This course Web site in the German Department at Stanford University includes short biographies of a cultural and political figures (mostly excerpted from Encyclopedia Britannica), some maps and statistics, and links to Web resources.
 Berlin Street: Personen (G)
A searchable database of famous Berlin personalities, including some from the Weimar period, with brief biographies. Not complete by any means, but still ambitious.
  Berlin in the 1920's (E)
A selected bibliography of books in English about Berlin culture during the Weimar period. From the Louise Brooks Studies Web site.
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 Discussion lists 

An Internet discussion forum focused on scholarly topics in German history.
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