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Dilution Problems Answers

1) a. 1mL of 1M NaCl + 9mL of water
     b. 0.1M
     c. 4mL of 1M NaCl + 76mL of water
     d. 2mL of 1M NaCl + 48mL of water

2) 0.3mL of stock+ 5.7mL of water

3) a. 30μg/μL

     b. 10μg/μL

     c. 1:120 dil.; 5μg/μL

     d. 1:600 dil.; 1μg/μL

     e. 1:300 dil.' 2μg/μL

      f. 1:120 dil; 5μg/μL

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