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   *Italics denote scientific name




image of Hamamelis virginianaHamamelis virginiana

image of Heron, Great BLueHeron, Great Blue

image of Hen-of-the-WoodsHen-of-the-Woods

image of Hawkweed, CanadianHawkweed, Canadian

image of Hawkweed, OrangeHawkweed, Orange

image of Hawkweed, SmoothishHawkweed, Smoothish

image of HawthornHawthorn

image of Heal-All, Self-HealHeal-All, Self-Heal

image of Hemerocallis flavaHemerocallis flava

image of Hemerocallis fulvaHemerocallis fulva

image of Hemlock, EasternHemlock, Eastern

image of Hieracium aurantiacumHieracium aurantiacum

image of Hieracium floribundumHieracium canadense

image of Hieracium floribundumHieracium floribundum

image of Hieracium pratenseHieracium pratense

image of HobblebushHobblebush

image of Holly, AmericanHolly, American

image of HoneystalksHoneystalks

image of Honeysuckle, AmurHoneysuckle, Amur

image of HoptreeHoptree

image of HornbeamHornbeam

image of HostaHosta

image of Hosta, spp.Hosta spp.

image of Hydrangea quercifoliaHydrangea quercifolia

image of Hydrangea, OakleafHydrangea, Oakleaf

image of Canadian St. JohnswortHypericum canadense

image of Hypericum perforatumHypericum perforatum

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