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   *Italics denote scientific name




image of Salix babylonicaSalix babylonica

image of Salmo trutta Salmo trutta

image of Sambucus canadensis Sambucus canadensis

Salvelinus fontinales

image of Sandwort, Mountain or Greenland Sandwort, Mountain or Greenland

image of Sciurus carolinensis Sciurus carolinensis

image of Sarsaparilla, Wild Sarsaparilla, Wild

image of Shiner, Golden Shiner, Golden

image of Sassafras Sassafras

image of Shrew, Short-Tailed Shrew, Short-Tailed

image of Sassafras albidum Sassafras albidum

Skunk, Striped

image of Sedge, Inflated Sedge, Inflated

Snake, Garter

image of Shinleaf Shinleaf

image of Sparrow, Song Sparrow, Song

Silene cucubalus

image of Spider, Bowl and Doily Spider, Bowl and Doily

image of Silk Tree Mimosa Silk Tree Mimosa

image of Spider, Garden Spider, Garden

image of Smartweed, Polygonum Smartweed, Polygonum

image of Squirrel, Eastern Gray Squirrel, Eastern Gray

image of Smilacina racemosa Smilacina racemosa

image of Starling, European Starling, European

image of Smilax rotundifolia Smilax rotundifolia

image of Sturnus vulgaris Sturnus vulgaris

image of Smokebush Smokebush

image of Swallow, Tree Swallow, Tree

image of Solanum dulcamara Solanum dulcamara

image of Sylvilagus floridanus Sylvilagus floridanus

image of Solidago spp. Solidago spp.

image of Solomon's Seal, False Solomon's Seal, False

image of Sorrel, Common Wood Sorrel, Common Wood

image of Sorrel, Sheep or Common Sorrel, Sheep or Common

image of Sorrel, Yellow Wood Sorrel, Yellow Wood

image of Sphagnum spp. Sphagnum spp.

image of Spiderwort Spiderwort

image of Spiraea latifolia Spiraea latifolia

image of Spruce, Norway Spruce, Norway

image of Spruce, White Spruce, White

image of Spurge, Cypress Spurge, Cypress

image of St. Johnswort, Canadian St. Johnswort, Canadian

image of St. Johnswort, Common St. Johnswort, Common

image of Star Flower Star Flower

image of Stewartia ovata Stewartia ovata


image of Strawberry, Common Strawberry, Common

image of Strawberry, Wood Strawberry, Wood

image of Streptopus roseus Streptopus roseus


image of Sweetshrub, Common Sweetshrub, Common

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